Hi and welcome to Saffyre Boston Terriers! Thank you for taking the time to research where you buy your next companion from and we believe you’ve come to the right place.

I live in the heartland in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.  I am a hobby breeder that only has 1-2 litters per year, making it difficult for most to purchase a dog from me.  I have a business degree in Finance and do not breed to supplement my income.  I do NOT make a living doing this, but do it because I love the Boston Terrier breed.  Because I do not breed often, what I charge for my puppies barely covers the vet bills, food, and general care of our dogs.  There is rarely a profit to be made.  I am a member of the North Texas Boston Terrier Club and am the National Futurity Director for the Boston Terrier Club of America (BTCA).

I are committed to produce quality, healthy even-tempered Boston Terriers to live as family members, first and foremost, and who represent the AKC standard as closely as possible!  I feel that by breeding high quality Bostons, I am helping to ensure the future of this wonderful breed as we know it today.  Iwholeheartedly believe in health testing according to the recommendations by the Boston Terrier Club of America.  This is to help ensure that our dogs are free from genetic defects, and thereby (hopefully) so are their puppies.  The tests that are most common for Boston Terriers are CERF (eyes), OFA (luxating patella), BAER (hearing), and OFA (hips).  These genetic problems can cost thousands of dollars to correct, and unless you have some type of guarantee in writing, YOU pay the vet bill.  Granted, these tests are NOT a guarantee that your puppy will never develop these genetic problems, but they DO greatly reduce the risk of them ever showing up.

Please beware of unscrupulous breeders who are selling off-colored Bostons, such as Cream, Blue (mouse), Fawn, Red or Brown (liver) colored Bostons. These colors are not recognized colors by the Boston Terrier Club of America and we believe they should not be bred.  They may tell you that they are RARE and try to charge exhorbitant prices.  Please do not support their efforts as they do not have the best interest of the Boston Terrier in their hearts.  They are breeding against the standard to fulfill their own greedy desires.  The only colors that are accepted are black & white, brindle & white, or seal & white.  Note:  Seal is NOT red or brown.

I do not have a "kennel," but a loving home environment for our dogs.  Most of time, you can find the dogs sprawled out on the sofa or in my bed, under the covers!  Our Bostons are happy, healthy, well-adjusted members of our family. I believe in proper training & socialization; it's the only way to have a dog that one can be proud to take anywhere. I promote "crate-training" for happier, more relaxed dogs, & I strongly encourage anyone who purchases a puppy to sign up for a puppy/obedience course with their local obedience club or with a qualified private trainer.  Saffyre Bostons offers rebates for training with your Boston.  Contact me for details.

I strive for Quality not quantity. Again, I do not breed often, perhaps only once a year and hope that you find my website educational and enlightening.  If you have any questions, please contact me by email.  I will try to answer your questions as best I can.  Thanks again for looking and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Last Update: 8/26/2013